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  • Subject Accounting ( ACC) & Costing
  • Syllabus New Syllabus
  • Duration ACC - 160 Hours & Costing - 200 Hours
  • No.of ViewsACC - 1.7 Views & costing - 1.7 Views
  • Validity ACC - 9 Months & Costing - 9 Months
  • Video Language In Hindi - English Mix
  • Applicable Attempt May & Nov 2023 & Onwards
  • Delivery With in 3 to 5 working days
  • Study MaterialsACC - 1 Book This book covers the entire syllabus of Accounting including Accounting Standards. Along with the latest amended theory it also covers ample questions that will be solved in class. All past RTP, MTP, and previous examination questions are also included in the book. It also includes a chapter-wise practice drill and infographics that will help students to practice and revise the topic thoroughly. & Costing - Optimized ( Volumes ) + Magic Book
System Requirements

System Requirements :

For Android Version, Google Drive option and Pendrive optionOnce installed on a particular Laptop or Mobile, the same cannot be used on a different device. Simultaneous login on bothAndroidApp and Laptop is not permitted. Machine on which the application is installed once cannot be changed.

For Laptop :
1. It will run only on Windows OS.
2. It will run only on Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or any other higher version.

For Mobile (Androidonly)
1. It will NOT Run on MOTOTROLA devices.
2.Androidversion 7.0 or higher will be required.
3. 3 GB Ram & 32 GB Internal Memory Atleast will be Required.


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